Congratulations to class instructor & boxer CJ JACKSON


Biscayne Boxing instructor and University of Miami student and boxer CJ Jackson, gained fans nationwide as the winner of the National Collegiate Boxing Championship.

Boxer CJ Jackson (Courtney Jackson) had his number one Middleweight boxer advance to the United States Intercollegiate Boxing Championships hosted by The University of San Francisco this past weekend. Twenty schools were represented, including Westpoint, Michigan, UCLA, and FSU, in the first collegiate national championship held since 1960. This “club sport” tournament is designed as “the first major step” in the sports return to full varsity status (Boxing was a full NCAA sport until 1960).

University of Miami Head Coach, Mickey Demos, and Assistant Coach, Keith Jackson, reported that Cortney was the number one seed and earned a by on day one. In the semi finals courtney advanced to the Championship round with a unanimous decision against a tough boxer from USC. In the championshionship drew boxer Samuel Lazalde from CSUN who advanced to the finals with two KO victories.

“It was incredible”, Demos said. “The bout was close on the scoreboards going into the third round. I had to rely on Courtneys past military training. (Courtney is a premed student working off a Navy Scholarship).”. I told him, “Son you have to put this man down-do you understand me?” Courtney replied, “Yes Sir!”. He then went out and carried out the order with a vicious body attack. After Samuel went down the referee jumped in and stopped the contest earning UM its first national collegiate championship since UM’s win in 1955.

We hope this victory of boxer CJ Jackson will raise public awareness about boxing’s newest push to return the collegiate version of the sport to its glory days.

Randall Bailey Wins Big With Possible KO Of The Year


Photo: Biscayne Boxing owner Tom Tew, Bailey and his team (trainer John David Jackson and cut man Chico Rivas) hours before his Las Vegas 2012 fight against Mike Jones where he landed the possible KO of the year.


Websites like are predicting that Randall Bailey’s amazing knock out punch (a devastating right undercut that sent opponent Mike Jones to the floor last night in Las Vegas’ MGM Grand Garden Arena) may be a strong contender for KO Of The Year.

Biscayne Boxing owner Tom Tew was there with his family supporting Bailey and saw it all happen.  It was quite a blow, crushing Jones nose and throwing the arena’s audience into a frenzy of “Holy Craps”.   It was definitely the most impressive KO the gym’s owner had seen in a while, if ever in that weight division.  Randall lived up to his name, “Knock-Out King”.

The KO came in the 11th round at marker 2 mins and 52 seconds, and it followed a 10th round right to the head that also sent Jones temporarily to the floor.  The end of the fight landed Bailey, a former WBO light-welterweight, the vacant IBF welterweight title.

The KO was even more exciting considering the circumstances surrounding the fight and the fighters.  Bailey is 37 years old and was looked upon by Jones’ camp as someone who would come into the ring and assist the 29-year-old Jones in showing off his fighting abilities.  Jones was undefeated and highly praised as a real up-and-coming hopeful to fight against the likes of Manny Pacquiao and other greats in the weight class.

Though Bailey unleashed his power late in the fight, he didn’t give up.  He was down on all three judges’ scorecards (detailed scores here) until the KO happened, but it was never-the-less a big payday earned.  He will now probably go on to defend his title against the winner of the July-scheduled Kell Brook-Carnson Jones fight.  Maybe he will get in the ring again soon and pulverize the facial features of another Jones!  After all, that hand is lethal and agrees; “But there is nobody around that weight that can take a flush right from Randall Bailey and stay up. Not Mike Jones, not Manny Pacquiao, not Floyd Mayweather, not Canelo Alvarez. The man still has pure thunder in his right hand.”

Bravo, Randall Bailey.  Biscayne Boxing is excited and proud of your possible KO of the year.  I think BB’s Mickey Demos said it best in a text to Tom after the fight ended, “HOLY SH*T!”

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Randall is off to Vegas, Baby!









Looks like our very own Randall Bailey is going to Vegas and fighting against Mike Jones, under the Manny Pacquiao Pay-Per-View card.  What???!!  Yep, we said it.

Congratulations to Randall and his one-punch knock-out ability.  After all, he is the “Knockout King”!

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Drinking & Exercise: How Alcohol Affects Your Body


By Selene Yeager for Women’s Fitness

Alcohol in your system is detrimental to any kind of fitness activity (except maybe on the dance floor). Here’s how booze wreaks havoc on your regimen.

1. Slower Recovery
Hard workouts drain the glycogen stores (carbs stored in the liver and muscles) and leave your muscle tissue in need of repair. “Pouring alcohol into your system as soon as you finish stalls the recovery process,” says Tavis Piattoly, R.D. High levels of alcohol displace the carbs, leaving your stores still 50 percent lower than normal even eight hours later, according to one study. Sip or snack on a combo of muscle-repairing protein and carbs (think low-fat chocolate milk or peanut butter on whole-wheat crackers) before tipping back.

2. Packed-On Fat
When booze is on board, your body, besides having to deal with the surplus of calories, prioritizes metabolizing the alcohol over burning fat and carbs. Alcohol also breaks down amino acids and stores them as fat. “For some reason this process is most pronounced in the thighs and glutes,” says Piattoly. “Excessive alcohol consumption really chews up muscle in those areas.” It also increases levels of cortisol (a stress hormone), which further encourages fat storage, particularly in your midsection.

3. Disrupted Sleep
Boozing also blows your muscle recovery and performance by sapping your sleep. In a study of 93 men and women, researchers found that alcohol decreased sleep duration and increased wakefulness (particularly in the second half of the night), especially in women, whose sleep time was decreased by more than 30 minutes over the night. “Disrupting the sleep cycle can reduce your human growth hormone output—which builds muscle—by as much as 70 percent,” says Piattoly.

4. Depleted Water and Nutrients
Alcohol irritates the stomach lining, which can reduce your capacity to absorb nutrients (the reason you have an upset stomach after a few too many), says Brian R. Christie, Ph.D.—not to mention that alcohol makes you pee. For every gram of ethanol you suck down, you pump out 10 milliliters of urine (that’s about 9.5 ounces for two beers). As little as 2 percent dehydration hurts endurance performance. And by the way, you can’t rehydrate with a dehydrating drink (e.g., beer).



DID YOU KNOW that working out has an antidepressant effect often better than any medication:

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DID YOU KNOW that gazing at trees—even through a window while you work—lowers anxiety at any time, says Tokyo Medical University.

Health Study PDF

DID YOU KNOW that serving sizes for fries has tripled and sugary soft drinks quadrupled in the last half-century.


DID YOU KNOW that short, frequent bursts of laughter reduce artery firmness, which lessens the risk of heart problems.

Men’s Health UK


DID YOU KNOW that more than moderate drinking inhibits your ability to form and maintain muscle.