The Heart of Mimo

The Biscayne Boxing & Fitness Club is nestled in one of Miami’s fast-growing areas nicknamed the MiMo District (shortened from Miami Modern District).  In the 1950′s a handful of motels and other buildings that exhibit a certain style of modern architecture native to the city sprung up in a 30-block section of Biscayne Boulevard.

On June 7, 2006 Miami’s Historic Preservation Board voted unanimously to create a new historic district to protect this neighborhood’s architecture, and we think the area deserves its special nickname, which appropriately makes you think of some contemporary art museum.  This new district includes more than 50 architecturally-significant buildings, but the buildings are just one aspect of this area that makes it special.

Just like those chill dudes who play Latin/African drum music in the heart of Central Park, MiMo feels like a little bit of unassuming soulfulness snuggled in between the bigger, more sterile areas of Miami.

The food is great– there are lots of small, artsy restaurants peppering the streets, making you feel like you are possibly walking through a funky South American or European beachside village (think Playa del Carmen, Mexico).  Even the art on the walls of most these yummy dining spots are the works of local artists, giving you the feeling that no matter where you choose to eat in this area, you are privy to the ‘local’s experience’.  This is rare in most big cities, where we are often the victims of soulless tourist traps.

The area’s local events are offbeat and as eclectic as the neighborhood itself.   The MiMo Art in the Park Festival, also known as the Great MiMo chalk-in, is quite a fun time.  Artists gather together on this day to draw one large chalk mural on the wall of the Historic Legion Park (located on 66 Street and Biscayne Blvd).  This collaborative effort is a great example of the small neighborhood’s closeness and how its residents and business owners do what they can to help each other out and keep the area flourishing.

The neighborhood is alive with hip, young and down-right cool people.  Whether its some gorgeous Brazilian beauty in sandals and a hippy skirt or a muscly dude in board shorts, walking a pit bull, you feel that the neighborhood residents are too cool for Coral Gables and too laid-back and Miami-wise to shack up on hectic South Beach.

Basically, it’s a great place to throw down a small, edgy and low-profile boxing gym, where members feel like they are part of something that’s got some action and beat happenin’!

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